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This fashion marketing course  is for the fashion entrepreneur that is ready to invest in themselves and elevate their business to the next level. This course cuts to the chase. No fluff, just real world applications that will elevate your fashion business. 

What you'll Learn

Gain key concepts as you learn to grow your business.

Course Curriculum

  • Warm Welcome from your Instructor Stephania Schirru and a brief Breakdown of the course

  • Who is Stephania Schirru & Agenda

  • Defining your business and how you’re going to make $$$

  • Target Market

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Feedback Assignment 1

  • Market Position

  • Setting Smat Goals

  • The 4 Ps

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Assignment 2

  • How to get Featured in the Media

  • Difference between Marketing and Public Relations

  • Fashion Show Checklist

  • Best Fashion Shows to participate in

  • Bonus Sessions: Fashion Show Producer Shonta Connolly

  • Working with Celebrity Stylits

  • Bonus Lesson Celebrity Stylist Harrison Crite

  • How to save on Photoshoots

  • Launch Your Marketing Campaign

  • Special Offer for Students

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